Mavenir interview issues

My interview of mavenir system is on 7th may in bangalore but since i am in final sem of BE i can not attend the drive,what should i do ?
Can i attend it in later drives ?

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Same is the case with me! The only thing you can do is decline the offer with the reason they’ll give you as options. They might consider you in the next drive.

After declining is it possible to attend the drives later?? Are you sure ? Shall i write to elitmus and confirm?

If you decline with the option that “time is not convenient” you will get one more chance to appear in next drive :slight_smile:

Thnk you :blush:

I am in a similar dilemma. Thank you.

Exactly as what Abhishek said. They will consider you in the next drive.

You’re welcome

hi… i was in exactly same dilemma… thank you!

can anyone suggest me how to prepare for mavenir ?? what type questions will come in the first round?? will it be coding or mcq in the first round?? how many rounds will be there?? how to prepare for the interview?? please help