Mavenir drive test

Does anyone know how is online test for mavenir going to take and what topic is going to be asked in it?

Even I have applied and haven’t got any instructions for the test.
Will there be MCQs and coding or just coding. No idea

it will be coding

Any idea about the types?
Will there be trees and graphs?

has anyone got results for the test

Nope not yet. Hopefully we get it soon.

Not yet Waiting for result.

Has anyone got the result?

Not yet. Any idea about the number of vacancies?

I got selected for the interview process and i just gave my interview yesterday n 4h oct

how did you get the result?

How you got result? And how was your interview experience ?

I got a mail saying that I have been shortlisted forew process there were total 2 interview taken till now and today only I got selected from 2nd interview and had to submit documents for hr discussion