Mavenir 13 April 2019

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Any one got interview call from Mavenir dated 13 April 2019 , Bangalore

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Yes… I got interview call… Can someone suggest me what all to prepare for that interview ??

Create a was app grp n add me … Lets ■■■■■ it…
9 66 38 06 424

What is your score??
Mine is 160+ but still didn’t received the invite .

90 percentile…and which is ur branch ??


I got the mail that selected for mavenir selection process but still dont got the mail of link…!!!
Anyone got the linked for tomorrow test of mavenir…???

the call does not mention about any test

Am gonna passout in 2019…??
N got the test for 1000000 ctc…!!!
What about you…??

ok my call is for 650000ctc 2019

what was your score?


I got the mail for 13 april…6.5 lac one i applied for tht only. What to prep nd how to prep ?

If I clear the coding test but not able to attend the interview drive … will the company consider my profile again if they organise drive at other locations…

can anyone suggest me how to prepare for mavenir ??what type questions will come in first round??how many rounds will be there??abd how to prepare for interview??

Can anyone tell me something about the selection round?

Can I give the coding test from my home? Because it is not possible to go to Bangalore without any surety?

i guess 1st round will be code from home …did you get any details of the test or about rounds??

Ya first there will be written coding test on 13 then on same day there will be interview

so, do i have to be present on 13th apirl at banglore ?