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Is anyone attending MQA Software coding round today

They sent me a link, but when I open this it showing expire. Now what should i do

I am not shortlisted for MAQ software?
What was your PH score?

I am writing test fot MAQ software in which they are showing unable to update details right now.please contact admin.

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Did anyone received a call from MAQ Software for the next round after 10th April online test?

i have attended the online test on 10th April but still i have’t get any call for the next round… if any one got a call FOR 2 ROUND . please do Share

I am supposed to appear for a Take from home Online test MAQ software solutions today at 4pm. But, I haven’t received the details of the test yet in my email. It’s already 3:30pm , and as much as I have been told that attending the Interview after accepting the call is mandatory if I don’t want myself to be debarred from E-Litmus portal.

What should I do? Did anyone get any mail from them ?

I also didn’t receive any instructions regarding online round. Don’t know what to do now

Test portal not opening anymore. returns 503.
I tried submitting the first test 2 times but it din’t work.

Sometimes the assessment links are delayed. Don’t worry, if they send you late, they will also extend the deadline.
If you have received any email from MAQ, reply to them querying about the link.

It took 2 hours to submit the first test. The second test was going smooth until 3 questions when it got stuck in loading screen. I clicked compile code and it was stuck there. Browser was in full screen and as per instructions we can’t change tabs or exit full screen mode. After waiting for 20 minutes for request to reach timeout, I had no option but to click esc. Once i did that, it won’t let me log in again. It was a really weird experience.

Did anyone receive call for MAQ. Please share your percentiles if u have received

I got the call for the drive last month.
Verbal: 93
Quant: 70
Logical: 91

My scores are:
Verbal 99.5
Quant 99.85
Logical 66.56
What are my chances
I applied 1 week back but the results are not released yet …

Did anyone got call from Maq Software, if yes then please share your scores.

See here -

Hi, has anybody given Online Test for MAQ Software. The online test was based on IQ Test and Sql Query Coding.

Yes. It was 30 quants in 30 minutes. Then SQL queries, 8 questions 40 mins.
I took the test this Sunday, 18th March.

Have you got a call from MAQ software after your online test?

Yes, after 2 days they called to schedule a skype interview on the same day.