MAQ Software | 2018 drives

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Anybody got the mail for the second round MAQ Software which was held on 11 aug 2018.?

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Yes I got. Do you have any idea what they are going to ask in second round? By the way what’s your location.

Mine is in Delhi … wheres yours?

Mine is Bangalore. Any idea what will be there in Technical Round. It is mentioned in description that ‘SQL knowledge’ will be a plus.

No …bt you can go through the interview reviews posted in geeksforgeeks

Ya i got, but its scheduled in mumbai, can i anyhow change it to bangalore ?

Not yet!

Contact elitmus for that

i havent got mine. do they send rejection mail?

have you got any mail after 2nd round of technical interview? i was shortlised for 2nd round but they didnt tell the results of second round

Anybody got any mail from MAQ software after attending 2nd technical interview on 17th aug?

I received an email for technical interview to be held on 23 August. What are the questions they asked in technical interview ?

In 1st round some queries median level,coding, ,oops ,DBMS, OS and some puzzle questions…after shortlisting for 2nd interview they asked the basic questions only

when u applied for MAQ? and what are your elit scoress

My score is 80+ in all three.

Anybody knows when they are going to declare the 2nd round interview results …anyone got the mail regarding this …for hr round ?

Hey, Anyone of you got the result from MAQ SOFTWARE test which was held on 15th august. Has any one got any emails or calls for further rounds. How many days do MAQ take to answer the test?
Can anyone help me. I didn’t get any response from MAQ.

after giving the test they mail aftr 2-3 days for the interview.

I also appeared for the two rounds of interview on 23rd august but didn’t get any mail regarding result till now.

exactly same happened with me…dont expect call from them …bs formality ke liye interview lia or kuch ni …