Make My Trip Online Test

I just took the online test, in which for one question I was getting the output, and for other 2 I was getting output for visible test cases but not for hidden test cases. Will they consider visible cases for scoring?

Same all test cases for one and visible test cases for remaining two.
But i think they will not consider the visible test cases.i think in this case only hidden test cases will matter.i m not sure though

When will they declare the results? Do I have any chances?

I dun kno.even i have the same case like you.

I will get my elitmus results by 29th march 2018.When should i apply for make my trip drive?.Is make my trip drive still open?

no.event has been ended

Can you tell me if python is allowed for coding or not?


what are programming languages allowed for online contest

what it is showing in the status…confirmed or attended ???

My status is attended.
When can we expect the results ?

after yesterday’s coding test… ?

I gave my test on 17th march.

What does attended mean

mine changed to attended too…i gave the test on 24th…just drop a comment here if there is any update about the result