Low academic scores

Hello there,
I have really low academic score. Are there companies who hire students with low academic scores, 50% my case, and if they score good in the ph test like a recommended 80+ in quants and higher percentile in verbal and Ps??

Companies don’t reveal their cut offs for any section, but most companies will have a certain requirement for academics. So MNCs are a no go.
But I remember a few start ups that had no bars for branch / acads, but wanted a good pH score. 90+ ideally.
And if they choose to call you, you’ll need to be exceptional in the interview, and address the low marks issue when asked.

So go ahead and give it a shot.
All the best!

Low academics matter but you will get a chance to get recruited from big firms like Aptean, Accenture so forget about your low academics and focus on your PH test as they consider your graduation marks only.

Accenture wants 60% AFAIK.