Is this good enough

I will be passing out this year and this was my first attempt. What are my chances of getting calls from companies offering 4lpa and above.Should I retake???

I would suggest you take the test again. Verbal and Quant scores are quite good but you need to get the score for PS above 70 at least. Best of luck

Aim for 90+ in all sections.
For many companies, even those giving pays around 2 LPA, the cut-off is 90 in Problem Solving.

For some, the cut-off is 90 in Quants.
You have a lot of time, so take your time to prepare well and then take the test.

But I can be assured of calls from Accenture, CGI and Attra isn’t it??? Anyhow I will retake

Total of 100+ is only the secondary criteria for Accenture. Their primary criteria is college list.
I suggest you don’t wait for Accenture and think of it as the last option you should revert to.

I can’t say about CGI because last year CGI was not seen and I am not expecting it for us. (2017 batch). Maybe they will come back for 2018. You will get a lot more better opportunities. Be ready be July - August.
All the best! :slight_smile:

Thanks sir

You can take it to add certificates to LinkedIn. :rofl:
You can easily score 90+ in all sections.

Cognizant’s IT-IS profile is the only different chance you will get. It also has Accenture and Mindtree drives but you see them in eLitmus too.

Cognizant IT IS role is different from programmer analyst trainee???

No I think its the same.
Actually Industry is IT-IS and role is programmer analyst.

What package does Accenture offer for Application development accociate role?

Accenture 3.5 LPA

and Cognizant - 3.38 LPA