Is dere anyone from from Accenture drive from 7th jan to 8th feb whose status is still attended and those who didn't get any information regarding selection or rejection..?

Those who were from elimination round of game test and still did not get any confirmation regarding selection or rejection from Accenture…??

yes, i have attended accenture drive on 8th feb in BMS college and my status is still attended…and i got a mail to complete the task out of 13 task only 5 is approved…

What is the due date of tasks??

What is the due date of the tasks?

i have attended the drive on 8th feb and my status is shown as “attended” but i did not get any mail from the company yet :sob:

same case here ping me at 7503806071 so we can form a group to keep track of things.

Attended 21st January delhi drive all task are approved still status is attended

I gave my interview on 8 th Feb I got mail for profile creation and task completion…!!

Did you contact elitmus and were you shortlisted??