iQuanti Interview Call (Analyst)

Has Anyone received the call letter? If yes please share your scores. TIA

no one got the call yet?

No,I am also waiting for that .If you got please let me know.

Hi everyone i am also waiting for the hall I’d if anyone receive plz inform

Got the call.

hi when did you got the call? i got 92.4 percentile in PS and 74.7 in QA is there is nay chance that i will receive the call ?

I am form 2017batch

I got the call yesterday night. You can wait.

okkk i will wait can you tell me whether my percentile is enough or they need more than that for appear in interview?

Anyone from CS stream who got the call?

well, I have 90+ in both PS and QA. And I’m from non IT branch.

Can anyone tell me what will be the price so or rounds for interview will it be very tough??

I received the call letter from iQuanti but mistakenly I missed to accept it.Now it is showing time is over to accept it.What should I do?

i have 99.56 in ps and 99.00 in quant no call :worried:

And VA, Academics?

va 74 btech 8.65/10 ,12th 91 ,10th 83

hi everyone did anyone receive the final hr call for the final round ? if anyone plz inform

You must contact eLitmus team for this…I think only they can answer on that.