Interview Calls

. I accepted one call letter and after I haven’t attended the interview due to some reasons from that day onwards I am not getting any call letter from companies. To get calls what i want to do.

Same problem for me too what i need to do to get interview calls.

ur score?

same problem with me too… i contacted elitmus they said that after joining i wont be able to apply in any of the companies but before that i will get the interview calls… but i m not getting any after i accepted the offer letter, This is so not fair they are spouting some bs about algorithms n companies requirements but how is it possible before accepting the offer i was getting calls from all the companies but after tht not a single call

same here :slight_smile:

I too contacted elitmus through mail ,they said that if we have any queries we have to post it in this Adda Home

for me also they replied in same way.

same problem here bro what is the solution for that bro

sir please reply with the answer for my question

what should be done if we have attendence issues???
is there any solution for that or no solution…!!!

bro did u gwt any mail about attendence issues

I haven’t got any mail regarding that issue :confused:
But I have skipped a interview
I will contact them in office if i don’t get any response from them :confused:

I haven’t received a single interview call letter even after applying to so many jobs in elitmus. Here are my percentile : Verbal - 71.95, Quantitattive - 81.12, Problem solving - 66.57. What are my chances of getting interview calls?
Are my score good enough to get a job through elitmus?
Pls reply