Interview calls for Whizdm

Anybody from 2018 batch got an inteview call from Whizdm innovations?

Can I still apply?? What is your score???

Yes, you can still apply. My score is attached below

I haven’t got the interview call as of now BTW.

You have an awesome score buddy. If this isn’t enough for whizdm than i don’t know what is.

Does anybody know what kind of questions may come in this written coding round of whizdm innovations drive?

Hello…From where u have prepared for Quants.Please help me out…

I did just 2 days of preparation, so didn’t follow any plan.
Just tried to solve whatever questions I could from prepinsta site.

I have got a call for Whizdm … Can anyone suggest me what to prepare for take from home online coding challenge…

Which batch are you?

2017 batch

when did you get the interview call

I also got the call yesterday. Bro, take from home coding challenge awaits us.

But how do we have to take the test?
They haven’t given any link in the mail for online challenge

It will be on codelitmus, hackerEarth or hackerRank.
They will email you the link on the day of test.

You can practice on hackerEarth or hackerRank if you have never taken a coding challenge before.

You have taken before?? topic which they can ask???

25 Jan

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Thanks bro

Cut off for whizdm ph score???

Nobody knows bro.