I couldn’t accept nor decline a interview call on time, Is that a problem?

No issue. You may get call in future.

Ok bud thanku, can you suggest me if I should retake the exam or not cause I have my doubts as I am getting selected calls. Its been a month since my score has been released I got around 7-8 calls including harman, nirvana, National Instruments, elitmus etc others were from banglore so I could not attend.For now I am not applying with banglore location. My branch is ECE my elitmus score is verbal- 74% logical-96% quant-68% my total score is 146.

Don’t take the test again. Your score is good.
Most of the job events are in Bangalore so you have to move.

Even I am not applying now due to location problem. I will move to Bangalore soon, then apply.

You are getting selected calls because companies have different criteria. Some want 70+ throughout academics, some way want high quant score etc.

thanks mate I was really confused about this.I guess that is the problem I have 70+ in 10th and 12th but not in graduation… I am thinking about moving as well for now I am trying to work on my technical skills.