Interview Call from Attivo

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Hello guys,I got interview call from Attivo Networks to b held on 26th of Nov.
so my question is I am from 2017 batch and currently I am in is that will be beneficial for me to reach Banglore in such a hurry-burry to attend the interview.
Please someone suggest.its very important.


It is a good company based out of America. The pay is really good. You will learn a lot of networking and security based testing. Bangalore is a good city so in my opinion give it a try.


hey Angara thanks for the reply…are u working in Attivo or can you tell me about the interview level of Attivo or how many openings in Attivo for the position, if you know.


I am not working in Attivo. I am an applicant just like you. Regarding the interview, I dont know much but there might be a technical test and rounds of tech interview will follow. I am not sure but this is what usually happens in most of the companies.


what was your percentile ., i too apllied but did not get any info regarding that… my percentile was 94,97,64


did you applied for attivo?.. my overall was 82%


yes i have applied … i am from ece … is that a problem ,? are you CS?IS?


Yes I am from that is not an issue bcoz another ECE guy has also received call for the interview.


where are you from …? and you know such ece guys?


yes,u… just join the other attivo discussion group there u will get info


i didint get get an call from Attivo as my percentile was 92,82,60 are there any chances of getting a call?


today is last day to submit application and event is scheduled on 26th so still there is chance of getting interview call. :slight_smile:


anyone from 16 batch who got call from Attivo


Yes I have, but I forgot to reply now it’s been automatically declined


yes i got


yes i did


i hav been shortlisted for attivo networks 2017 batch , can any one let me know what s d intake


hi,what is ur score ?


hey Rohit…
when have you given test ???