Interview Call for below Scores

Hi Friends

I have attended test on 20th Aug and got below scores. Can i expect interview call from companies?
Verbal : : 6.45
Problem Solving : 49.42
Quantitative : 17.77

I suggest you to retake the test. Refer books like Arun Sharma for practice.

Please work hard and try to get above 80 percentile in all three sections.

I got
Verbal 46
PS 93
Apti 92
Can I need to re attempt the test suggest me

Try applying. Most companies consider ps and quants as important. If no calls come, then post again here.

My score in quants is 78.75 ( 97.9 percentile )
and Ps is 48.75 ( 91.8 percentile )
Verbal is bad 15 ( 19 percentile )

What are my chances

If your total score is below 140 or 120 then rarely any company may call you. Verbal is for increasing your overall score.

Try scoring above 150/600 to get maximum calls.

I have got 50 verbal, 50 quant and 27 problem solving. What are my chances?