INTERN 2018(Call from RAPIDD Technologies, Goomo and Ezeiatech, Tagos or Increff)

Any one get calls from any company listed above for interview on 24th ,25th and 26th Nov at Bangalore location.I think it’s 2nd time when dates are been changed.How can any one find time from the hectic schedule of examination time.Please update here if any one get call from any company above.

nothing yet…


did anyone get the call?

Yes ,from GOMMO and Dark Horse.

what is your event location?

Anyone got a call from Rapidd Technologies for event to be held on 25/12/2017 ?

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yes I got it.

I am currently in my 7th Sem and my college doesn’t allows internship in 8th Semester. So can you tell what would be starting date/joining period of Rapidd Technologies in case we clear their interview.

most probably first week of jan 2018


Hey Niraj

I applied to internships too and got calls from Goomo, Ezeiatech and DarkHorse but couldn’t accept due to my exam dates clashing. I have applied for internships again in Internship week and till now I’ve got call for interview only from Rapidd. I just wanted to know if you got calls from any other company till now?

Recently i got call from humming wave but the date of interview is 14 instead of 30?

That date is for coding round (take from home) . if cleared then u will be called for interview on 30th dec.

@manisha_3428782 Yes ,I also got the call from RAPIDD but I didn’t confirmed because I have exams ending on 22nd Dec and after that VIVA so same case as you . But today I got a call from TAGOS and its a code from home , then after clearing the coding round the technical interview will be done on 26th Dec.

Yes, I got call from Tagos too. But not from Humming wave :worried:

i too got the call from from Tagos but declined as my exams are going on till 28 dec.

What happens when you neither decline nor accept ?

What the result of yesterday coding test did anyone get the interview call?

Please comment down how many questions out of 3 you all solved. I solved 2/3 successfully and the last one i missed to type some 3-4 lines TIME was UP.

Same i solved 2 sum in last one i was getting error then time uped

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