Anybody got call from integrythm?

I got. But in Kolkata. Why do they intimate us just two days before a drive that we have been shortlisted, flight rate is so high :v

same here. i got for banglore n am in kolkata. Atleast they should inform before a week?

Did you apply for Dark horse digital? if yes, is the drive over. They don’t even inform us whether a drive is over or not.
do you know what happens if we decline an interview giving reason time inconvinient? Will we get invitation for the next drive?

yes we will get the call. i applied for dark horse for kolkata but didnt got the call yet?

can you give me your email id @sindhuja_2718751
I have mailed them regarding Dark Horse but no reply. In the mail for Integrythm it was written multiple events planned at Bangalore and Hyderabad. Does this generally mean same drive in different dates?

No idea

Drive is not over… today i got call leter for interview, any my 1st round is tonorrrow

from 2017 batch??



Applied but I got “Not Shotrlisted” :neutral_face:

what was your ph score?@wali_3319673

eLitmus percentiles - Verbal 94; Quants 72; Analytical 92;
Maybe because of low in quants I got rejected.
Also I have low percentage, 62% in XII

Anyone knows what is the first round ???

i did not get any call is that any chance they call??

applied on nov 30 evening status is still applied

Guys Anyone Know Integrhythm Interview Process ?
If somebody know please share …

For the second round qualified candidates,
As they said the next round will be SKYPE interview, has anyone received any mail regarding interview details?