InSync Trainee Software Engineer interview to be held on Saturday, 17th Jun, 2017

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Hello guys! anyone got call form InSync ? anyone having previous experience with insync pls help me out about the interview, any ideas suggestion would be great! thanks in advance !

i got interview call

I got call .

u r attending drive?
if I decline now is there any another chance to attend again in another schdule?

Even i am not attending , though I accepted the call.

accepted and going to attend the drive .

Package is not good.

If accept the call and not attend the drive what happens?

yeah! but we don’t get calls from a kolkata based company quite often.

nothing would happen I think, they might call you when there is the next drive

What is interview process?

Got call too late. How can I attend with call closing one day before? They should give chances and give time for traveling for other city.

I miss the interview being from Bhopal.

I also miss the interview because there is no chance to travel Kolkata

any one got any mail or call after attending and clearing the 1st round n completing the 2nd round of Insync Tech-fin Solutions Kolkata drive?