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guys i got the registration link from accenture today around 7:00 p.m. Now it is showing that the name of my university is GITM i.e. Gurgaon institute of technology and management. But actually it is ITM i.e. institute of technology and management. Please help me to solve this.

Don’t worry since you can’t update it now as it seems, ask them at the documentation process before the interview to get the corrections done.

thankyou for this. But, at the time of recruitment drive (on 4th feb) , all they would consider is what I have submitted through online mode and I guess corrections after the submission of details through online mode cannot be done. Did u face anything like this?

Yes, actually on 21st, I got my date of birth all wrong by filling online registration and they were quite nice with understanding my mistake and then correcting it.

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ok…got it !! so…how was ur interview.? could u share details of ur experience?