ILink Coding Question Accessing problem

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Actually, there were two assessments so when i choosed first then I got to know that I was not able to switch myself for the second assesment! #elitmusTeam


Same problem with me also

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well, Now the problem is solved by them they are going to conduct the exam again on 11th jan as per their mail.

has result announced for first round?

not yet!

what is the cutoff of coding to shortlisted for next round?

I don’t know! By the way what about you!
Have you completed both the questions?

no bro.only one question compiled with half test case… what about yours?


I didn’t got the test link again.

any update about ilink


Has anyone received results for iLink Digital first round?

Not yet! infact waiting for it

Any update from ilink?

No updates, how did you do the assessment test?

I completed my assignment on 11th Jan. But still no any update.