I need a little help

I am new to this forum. Can somebody help me figure out how to know when you are shortlisted for a company. Do they send a mail/text or some other source? Also how do they shortlist?
How many times can I take this test, as I did not score good in my first attempt, so I am planning to appear for it again. Will that be valid?

pH test scores are valid for 2 years.

You will get a mail. if you are asking abt shortlisting , it’s up to companies… Elitmus forwards scores of candidate and companies according to their criteria will shortlist you further rounds…It’s entirely up to companies nt elitmus. Yes, you can write elitmus again…BT keep applying bcoz my friends have got calls even with negative marks… Usually it’s advisable to write maximum of 3 tyms…I m from 17 batch …So don’t consider it authentic …It’s just experience Nd yes one more reason for answering is that I got placed from elitmus …So I think I M eligible to write here

Is drive for Accenture today(7th january) is there or postponed

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Work Hard and get 90% if you want to get calls in good companies
Work harder to get placed in companies
If you are from 17 batch you should follow that…
if you from 16 batch you don’t have time now :confused:
once you Shortlisted you will receive mail on registered email as well well as you could see in Job tab on elitmus in which you are shortlisted in which not :frowning:
Every company have their own criteria of shortlisting student
but the good one mostly prefers problem-solving ability :slight_smile:
You could appear as many times as you want only the best one will be visible to companies, unlike AMCAT.

guys i need a help
Problem Solving


what are my chances plzz help

@r_renganatha_3061242 You need to give another test