I got mail from elitmus .. congratulation next steps

Hii Everyone,
I got a mail through elitmus that my profile is considered by Accenture but i have less pH score so accenture is sponsoring apptitude test for me again so my doubt is that test will be considered as again ph test or accenture written test .Please reply ASAP

it means that you need to book another slot for elitmus test to improve your score (i guess)

Just I want to know this test be considered as elitmus pH test or Accenture written test… Help me out

As per their text, it seems like it will be considered as eLitmus pH Test.
What’s the issue in having another pH Test or in Accenture aptitude test?

When did you write elitmus?

What is your pH score divya?
If you don’t mind can you please share?
When did you apply to Accenture?