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queation asked in programming round?

bro…its a home coding test(from home) or we have to go test centre for the coding test?

Code from home.
You need a laptop/desktop with webcam.
They will monitor you during the test.

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Does anyone receive any mail for 1st round???

We got a take from home coding test which is today at 7 PM but we have not yet received any email regarding link.

Edit: Just got the mail at 5 PM


When the result of the coding rest will be declared?

How many coding problems did you successfully completed>?

My visible output was correct for all three. And in hidden test cases, two were correct and in the third problem 50% of the hidden test cases was correct while other 50% was not correct.

I got the mail today that I have been shortlisted for the interview round. Anyone else got shortlisted?

where is your interview and what round it consists of?

I got the call letter for 30th …n didnt gave the coding test