How to check my result

Where on the website will my result be displayed ? I gave my test on 10th January 2021 . Still no results .


I took up test on 10th of January 2021. I still didn’t get my results.

same here when will the result get declared

Results will be declared within 20 to 30 days.

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I have also given my test on 10 January. I am not expecting the result to be declared before 30 January. I would request everyone to please adjust your expectation about the result date.

How did you know

I gave my test on 10th jan 2021 and still we don’t even know when the results will be out for the test. And for the worst part there is no reply from elitmus’ side. Is anyone from elitmus even getting our query ?


when we will get the results?

It is as per FAQs and other candidates who have given it earlier. They clearly state that result takes upto 20 days.

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I gave the exam at 10 Jan but score is not generated yet so can I apply the companies before the score generated.

It’s been 20 days now.
Results are not yet declared.

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but some say that the results are declared within 3-4 hours of the test given

Can u pls tell me when was your result declared finally…