How much you need to score in E-litmus to get a call from a good company?

Hi guys. The results of the e-litmus test held on 10th July are out. M y percentile score is:-
Verbal Ability:- 47.18
Problem Solving:- 50.60
Quantitative Aptitude:- 61.39
What are my chances?

I think u must give it again. But u should wait for a week if u get call then score is fine enough.

Thanks for such a quick response.
Do you have any preparation material for E-litmus.
Mainly related to the two sections:- Problem Solving and Verbal Ability.
If yes please send it to me. My e-mail address is

One more question. What score is good for getting a 6-7 lakhs package.
My field is Computer Science and Engineering.

Don’t think you are going to get any substantial calls…You should try again fr higher percentile in all 3 departments. For Quant’s you can follow Arun sharma, logical and verbal can be done using r.s. agarwal

Take Arun Sharma for all three sections… And after getting shortslisted skills is all needed for a package of 6-7 lacs. and for this you should be excellent programmer or must have knowledge at AI.
My score

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