How many Chances?

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have scored 49% in verbal, 96% in pd and 81% in quant. And my 10th grades are 95%, in 12 I got 82% and my btech Percentage is 75%. What are my chances?

Good chance of getting calls.
Not all companies give weightage to Verbal so you will definitely get calls.

Which batch are you? 2017/2018?

IAM 2017 batch with no experience

IAM from ECE branch and at instant there is no company recruiting 2017/ECE…are companies which are not in ‘all jobs’ able to see my scores?

Companies can definitely see your scores. Its just that companies hiring 2017 batch are very less now.
You can apply for MetricStreams. They are the only one I see now, taking 2017.

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I had applied and have already got a call from them but they require SQL/ PL and I don’t have any experience on these systems.

I am not shortlisted for Metricstream.My oh score is 66 percentile in verbal 88 percentile in logical and 96 percentile in apti…what may be the reason for not shortlisting.I am from 2017 batch

I am not shortlisted for Metricstream…I don’t know why I am rejected?? What have you written in key skills column??

I have 50 percentile in verbal, 50 percentile in problem solving and 97 percentile in quant,
what are my chances to get interview calls ?

They are hiring for 2 profiles - SQL/PL and Testing.

Shortlisting also depends on your academics too. Reason for “Not Shortlisted” is very tough to understand. I have also been “Not Shortlisted” by many companies.

Chances are less as 50 percentile in PS is low.
Which year passout are you?

@wali_3319673 passing year - 2018

Does any company hire on quant percentile?

Since you are 2018, please take time, do a good preparation and take the test again. You have time in your hands and will get a lot more opportunities.

Yes, companies may hire only on Quant, but it really depends company to company.
It is better to score at least 80 to 85 percentile in all sections to get calls.

@wali_3319673 my academics is also good…graduated from NIT Durgapur…7.3cgpa…I don’t understand what was the reason??

Will it be too late if I take another test in May?

As I said, it is really not possible to understand how they shortlist, and why they reject.

May be their logical cut-off is 90+.
Many companies only look at logical.

There is also a small chance of getting a call even after “Not Shrotlisted”. Once I was “Not Shortlisted” by a company, then at the last minute I got the call.
Lets hope for the best.

Not at all.
Job for 2018 batch will continue up to Jan 2019.
Don’t worry. Prepare well.