Harman International call for 10th dec


Any specific topics to prepare?


can u share ur score section wise


they have told about c/c++/oops.as per i know


For written:
Data Structures
C++ : constructors destructors
In C C++ section mostly they ask input output questions

For interview:
If your primary language is C or C++:
Important topics: like constructors destructors pointers, classes like that basically everything we normally avoid
Data Structures: Linked List fully prepare it, I think they will surely ask from it.
Important topics : Reversing a single linked list, I don’t remember other questions but it will be good if you go through each type of list.

And one more thing if you are from Electronics stream prepare your stream as well coz there may be chance that they(electronics team) like your resume and interview you.
For Electronics students:
Important topics: Microprocessor, microcontroller, Analog electronics, final yr project, some practical knowledge too like some knowledge about CRO, etc.


@akash_2952784 thanks for the useful information.


@akash_2952784 As i am from java stream, do u think discussion will be focused more on java?


Yup discussion will be focused on java …it all depends on the primary skill you have chosen when applying for company…if you have chosen java discussion will be on java …like that


very helpful man, btw u got selected?


I cleared written round but not interview as I was not prepared well for electronics interview :disappointed:




Did anyone had HR round yesterday? Were they telling result whether you are selected or not? I was interviewed for the technical round. It went well, but I don’t know why didn’t they call me for HR round.
I’m confused.:disappointed: If anyone have information please help!!!


If anyone was called for HR round, Please share your experience !!!


I too had technical interview nd in the end they said… U may leave for the day…
I think it means i m nt selected furtherr
Feeling verry sad​:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


bro can u share ur score section wise


Eng 91
Ps 93
Quants 94
It all matters with the criteria… I hv nt got many calls which i hoped of getting. I m ee background. Maybe that is the thing. @kambala


did anybody get selected yesterday after the technical round or was it just a formality done for the candidates?? anybody from cse background??


Have they declared result or not? was anyone informed about their selection or rejection in HR round??? Please reply?


they will inform u if u r selected…:+1:
what was ur score in elitmus? @avalokita_3094539


how is ur academics ??? maybe ur academics are not good thatswhy u didnt get so many calls …


My academics are X 84.6 XII 84.25 B. TECH 8.71 I M FROM EE BACKGROUND. DNT THE REASONS FOR LESS CALL@nishith