Harman Drive 27 Aug'17

Hi everyone

I have been shortlisted for Harman drive(multiple locations including Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata) but have received the test location for Bangalore. I want to attend the Drive in Delhi. What do i do?

I have same query, i want to change the evaluation location though i have accepted the call letter. Neither elitmus are replying nor they are attending the call.
Have you tried calling them and ask this?

Just decline the call with options that location is not convenient and choose your desire specific location, you will get call for that location

What about when i have already accepted it but no one from elitmus is responding.

test is on 27th and interview is on 31st …how to arrange travel tickets if selected in written

yup i wanted that too… so yesterday i declined the interview with the option location not convenient and selected the new location as new delhi… my status changed to applied and i again got the interview call today with the updated location… so i ll suggest you to do it fast and to the person who yesterday told me its too late please update your knowledge.