Harman drive @ 16feb2019

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Heee anyone is there for harman drive on 16 feb

Please revert

Hey, harman drive @ 17feb 2019?

Yes. I am appearing at Pune. What about you?

Hey did u get the call from harman Pune for next round?

No @anurag_3469983.when is the next round?


Has everyone got the mail for the next round?

I will be joining on 25th march, Bangalore.

Great Congrats,

Thank you…

When was your drive and when did they tell you?

Did you get the call from Harman Pune for the next round?

i don’t think i have been contacted yet, atleast not by mail. I was actually thinking of dropping by the office tomorrow, since they did say that they would conduct the next rounds on Saturday.

what is the process for harman after shortlisting ?

Theres a technical test based on the profile you selected, and then technical interview followed by a managerial interview(HR i think).

I am shortlisted for associate engineer,do you know on what level will they ask in technical test?

Profile 1 or 2?

I have Harman technical round tomorrow @ 26feb2019 can anyone let me know what was the exam pattern?