Harman coding test not loaded

Coding test does not appeared on my coding window . Please help

same here

can’t even login right now, It says I’m an unregistered user

it loaded now

I started test at 8:30. Test dashboard was showing that I have 2 hours time so I tried to submit test at 10:19. But I got an error that ‘event has ended.’

Then I realized that they have mention on email that last time to submit it 10 PM. I think this isn’t fair. They should make ending time 11 PM if link is valid till 9 PM. This will give Total amount of time (2 hours) and will not create confusion.

As of now, will my answers be considered? If not, shall I be allowed in future Harman Drive?

Anyone completed all 3 questions?

Is the harman international leap coding round over or will they shortlist more candidates

Out of three programs 1 was working and about other two visible test cases were working…ie 7/11 test cases. Should i expect interview call???

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Visible test cases doesn’t count .

Should i expect interview call from them??

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same here

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Anybody who has given this test, please confirm that is CPP available in the languages of the test?

Anybody got any mail from elitmus regarding next round?