Harman, 14 August 2017

Anyone going to appear for Harman’s online test on 14 August 2017 ??
If so, please reply here so that we can share our strategies for tackling this test.

Have applied but haven’t got any response yet.

Yes I will be giving the test tomorrow.

Please text/call/whtsapp me at 9782526395,
so that we can prepare for it together.
Reply here if you’re unable to do so

What was your percentile and did you get a confirmation email regarding online coding round ?

Yes i got a confirmation email from elitmus.
I had 95+ percentiles in all 3 sections.

okay. I have 95+ in 2 and 89 in 1. No email yet.

I’m not sure how they selected candidates apart from the elitmus scores.
Must’ve taken into consideration the resume and academic records as well.

In which stream you did your b.tech.

B.Tech in Computer Science

I took the test and finished it just now. Although, I could get only 2 programs correct and was halfway through the 3rd problem when the time ended. I just hope that those two correct solutions got submitted automatically as I didn’t have time to click the “Finish the test” button.

Not knowing how to read variable amount of input lines wasted a lot of my time :frowning:
Also the fact that input/output formatting was not specified wasted a lot of time.
I got 1 correct, and another stuck due to bugs in input formatting.
Fingers crossed.
Greatly disappointed with the problem statement specifications of this test.
They could learn a thing or two about ideal problem statements from leading competitive programming platforms.

By the way, your codes were automatically submitted after the time expired. Don’t worry.

any one know when results will be declared of coding test??
Anyhow i could only do one code correct , got stuck with the second one and third one was not very clear.
what are my chances?

Can’t say anything bro…
My stats are same as yours…
Will let you know if i receive any mail from elitmus

kk thanks bro.

Is result declared??

what were the questions asked in thw coding round…?

Has anyone got result email for online coding test? The interview is on 19 Aug, i guess.

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I called on the eLitmus helpline number today in the afternoon. They told that the result will be declared by tomorrow morning.

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Do u know what are the rounds for harman for 4.5 package