Anybody got call from gradmener. If have then please notify me. I want to know about company.

have any ideas about the interview process?

I too got call bro can anybody know the selection procedure please tel me. Thanks in Advance


i too got the call from gradmener please anyone tell me what is the exact selection procedure.

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is gradmener a good company ?? for girls ???

Even glassdoor isn’t having any reviews about the company!

Nope Last day it was Final round they will take 2-3 days

I also got call from Gradmener.They described that they will not provide stipend for first 3 months.Is it worth attending interview?

Anybody got offer letter ?

Did anyone got the call? Any update from gradmener.

Any offer letter ??? They said that they will mail this Monday but I am not getting any update

when did you attend interview ?

Hey, please can you tell me about GradMener interview process and is it worth to attend the interview because for it ,I have to specially come to pune.Please help
Thanks in advance

GradMener isnt a company, its kind of training institute. It interviews who it wants to select, and after 3 months, directly places in other companies(clients).

have you attended the interveiw of gradmener? can you tell me the abt interveiw process…

nope. i havent attended

same here …they told us to wait till monday but i dint get any response