Goomo, Ezeiatech 2018 Intern Interview Call


I applied to Goomo and Ezeiatech and Rapidd because the event dates were suitable for me and even got calls for interview from them but later they changed the event dates and hence, I had to decline.

Then I got mail from Elitmus that I can appear for the first round of interview for Goomo drive online. I accepted that call and since then my status for interview is confirmed.

But the next day again I got a mail of which I am attaching a screenshot.

I replied back the date suitable to me but then the next day again this Internship week was announced by Elitmus. Now again Goomo has drive on 29 Dec for which I want to apply. But my status is already showing confirmed and interview details showing on 3rd Dec online coding round from home.

What should I do? Calling elitmus is not an option since they never receive it. Anyone any suggestions?

Also, the drive for Rapidd is held again and my status turned to applied automatically. Should I expect call for interview again?

Yes, you will get another call from Rapidd.

But I cannot say anything on the Goomo drive. You should get a fresh call since they cancelled it.

Mail them at for Rapid you might get a call. we r not required to apply multiple times for a company.