Good academic record

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Most of the companies has mentioned “Good academic record” in their eligibilitycriteria, what does that mean.
As i have 59.6% in my 12th, i worry that have i crossed or reached the bar ?


The expression “good academic record” is certainly rife with vagueness. While a 6 to a person standing on the opposite may seem to be a 9 for the one standing on the other side, there still exist some of the generic paradigms that one ought to follow :neutral_face: A 59% for one might be an achievement but for the other, something at par with NULL.

However, since ancient years, a “distinction” has beem receiving more plaudits. And that makes 75% (the start of a distinction) qualify the above phrase ("a good… ").

While this is just based on my conjecture, others can have their own view points as well. Perhaps, 65%.

One should not get disheartened looking at his preceding scores. High school transcripts are just useful when it comes to prove one’s DOB.
What ultimately matters is the knowledge that one has imbibed in the undergraduate studies that becomes a true asset of a candidate and helps him fetch a job. (My dozen of friends have less than 60 %, yet work in Top MNCs :blush: while those who were their state toppers in school, are still vying for jobs! :wink: )

Hope this helps.


Yea, but how did your friends managed to get pulled in the MNCs despite of less scores?
And what am I suppose to do now?


Introspect for yourself. My friends knew the ordeals that come by less scores in 12.Accordingly, they prepared themselves for that.

The answer to your question involves a mere cross question to you. How adept are you in programming languages? How many trainings ■■■ internships you bagged before? Can you answer to any query passed to appropriately, either interms of coding or verbally? Can you convince a recruiter that you’re substantial enough to endow services to them regardless of how less your marks have been in the school level?

If you have a very confident affirmation to all the questions above, contact some startups(if you’re in urgency) and convince them. Thereafter, take some employability test like elitmus or amcat and then culminate within yourself all the soft skills required.

My friends had good percentiles in amcat and elitmus, and had good communication skills through which they could easily convince the recruiter about their suitability.

Hope this helps.
Good luck