GeekyAnts joining / offer/ drive details

Anyone know the interview process and the relevant topics to which there questions gonna be concentrated around ?Plz plz plz do share your reviews and replies

Can you please tell us your pH score.As I too applied for this company but I dint get shortlisted. Plz tell us your score so that we can improve next time.

what topic u mentioned in ur cv?

210 my total score

are u from cs branch?

U got confirmation from elitmus or GeekyAnts. ?


yep got a confirmation mail from elitmus

May u send me screenshot of confirmation email then I will check with what I got because I also got a mail from elitmus but I am confuse about the confirmation

you getting options to accept or decline the drive ??

I just got a mail today regarding event on 25 but nothing mentioned clearly that’s why I m telling u send me ur email confirmation… . U can send me on

Hey @laxmidhar_3208629 , where r u from?and which branch?

even i got shortlisted . score 122.2

I am from Ranchi,Jharkhand
Branch:- EEE

Ajay you got any idea what to prepare for the tech and written rounds ??

Ds ,Algorithms, dbms be ready for coding . As their primary products are web based it wouldn’t hurt to know basics of web pages html/css.

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ajay ,what is your sectional score?

thnx and what type of coding que ?? is it tough ??

it isn’t that great ,this was my ■■■■■ attempt to see how the exam would be…

verbal - 100
quant - 11.3
problem 11.3

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not sure about that bro …