Any update on Frappe? did anyone apply and got a call?

Interview call ! Frappe!

is anyone even interested in frappe :smiley: :smiley:


Has any guy who applied to Frappe , received a positive response from them ? Did anyone receive a call ?


Nope. Did you?


What’s your score ?


Nope did u got


No not till now !


Does anyone know about Frappe? They are into ERP something? anyone has any more details about them which maybe helpful ?


Well from what I have made out from the description , frappé is a subsidiary of erpnext , so erpnext works on erp and frappe is a framework on which the solutions for erpnext are developed , like .net being a framework , here frappe was created using Python and JavaScript


i got call from frappe.


yeah same here


What was your score ?




yes i got a overall score is 257.60


Anyone who is planning to attend this drive? Let me know please !


i got


I think ERPNext is Frappe’s product which they want us to work on. I downloaded it to test what it does. it is some kind of a data management tool.




btw who all are coming for the interview?


M coming…anybody going from jaipur?