First evaluation process of cloudmagic

What is the process of first evaluation in cloudmagic, is there any interview or only written test. Which type of question asked in written test. Pls help

Hello what is your evaluation location for cloudMagic ? I’ve selected banglore as evaluation location and can’t change it to Pune. But I live in Pune.

Hi Shweta,
I have attended the drive for Technical Support and the process was - written test followed by interviews for qualified candidates on a later date.
For me the pen - paper written test consisted of quantitative aptitude, subjective technical questions and coding. It might be same for this profile too, so prepare accordingly.
All the best!

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Hi Shweta ,have you got any update regarding CloudMagic?

Has anyone received any update regarding QA Engineer written test held on 6th MAY?

No…it is still showing confirmed.


Can someone please tell me duration of CloudMagic 1st round test?

@wali_3319673 can you please tell the questions