Extreme Networks : Did any1 get to know the results of first round(technical)


Guys who gave the exam for Extreme Networks!! any idea of when the results would be and how will we be notified about the same ???


we need to check our status in job portal


it is written confirmed.
what will be status if anyone got through in first round


Even I have the same status @gaurav…also the next round is scheduled for sep10th right


On that day i asked mam she told me to check elitmus account…


yea next round is on 10th but if get shortlisted


No notifications yet


any notification


for me also it is showing as confirmed. but officially i have not got any mails regarding further rounds of interviews on 10th




I got the call for 2nd round.


which location???
did u get email or what…


Chennai. I got it as a separate interview call under “Interviews” section.


did anyone get shortlisted for the 1st round in bangalore location.?