Exadatum select

Did any one get selected in Exadatum?

I did

your score?

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what kind of question did they ask

What kind of programming test they conducted??

Question are based on data structures purely ,no algo not
really but questions on linked list ,stacks ,matrix and there are aslo 3-4 puzzle questions asked.
they gave the question paper to solve and then the shortlisted were called for interview


Thank u @vishal_3118129. Did u got selected, what type of interview questions did they ask??

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Did they ask codes or theoretical questions?

U will be selected go ahead

thanx brother!!!
I guess u r an employee in exadatum.
Plzzz help regarding selection procedures.

Hey Shivam, stick to the concepts prepare the DS well and prepare for puzzles ,riddles. All the best mate.

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Selection process is based on the written round which may consist of multiple question papers if you solve them .
Round 2is PI where again you will be tested on ur programming basics.
HR round is final which i am sure if u made it to hr you are 90% selected.
You are evaluated 90% on ur programming skill.
No need to worry about a particular language.

My score was VA-93.60 PS-99.78 QA-99.81 Could someone please tell me why I am not shortlisted for the interview process. Electronics and communication branch 2017 batch. 10th-89.3 12th-92, Grad-68 @vishal_3118129 @kundan_3297806

i have 100 in all section got shortlisted :stuck_out_tongue:CS background exp in Big data project in big data

abhishek ,do u have 100 marks in each section means total 300 or total 100

100 perecentile in each section

Can Anybody please help me out !
I am having an interview call from "Exadatum"
Can I write my coding questions in 'JAVA’
It is specifically in ‘C’ or Some other Language.

You can use any language. You will have to write just the functions but pseudocodes are not allowed.