Exadatum 8th, Pune

Anyone going for exadatum interview on 8th in Pune?

yeah most probably

Do you know anything about their process?

As far as I know first round will consist of few MCQ question and programs
And since its program there would 4 question from Data structure (expecting Linklist =D)

When can we expect to receive call letter? It would not be possible to reach Pune within one day notice period!

Nope. Not yet! I was wondering how can we reach Pune on a days’ notice in case they release the calls on 6th only! @archana_3226606

Everyone can expect a call on or before 4 April

Under the ‘dashboard’ tab, I have a new category saying ‘calls from’ and Exadatum is mentioned there. When I click on ‘interview details’, there’s an option to accept or decline. Is this the final call letter?

yes , You have to confirm weather you are attending the interview or not
Can you share the adress of interview mention in details ?

how do we know about the campus location ?

Has everyone received the call letters? @sakshi_3302777 have you?

What’s your percentile?