Where is the location?

Check the interview details page.
The details are also written on your admit card.

@wali_3319673 have u got shortlisted for tomorrow accenture drive?

My college is not in the list, I have “Not Shortlisted” status.

no i also got call
Verbal= 59

Then they are calling only male candidates, I guess. :laughing:

@wali_3319673 even my college is not in the list. But, i have “applied” status. Any hope that likely ill get call in future?

Nope. Not for this profile.
But if they do a drive for ASE IT Operations in the future, you will get the call.

I also got the call, will they ask only based on collections, IO , multithreading or something else also? and will it be execution round or theoritical ?

Not only that bro.
Prepare everything you mention in your Resume.
They might ask questions on OOPS, C etc.

it’s written round will be apti also? or just the technical ?

You never know what they might give. Its a new company and no info is available.
Prepare technical also, there might be some technical mcq or output testing.

what happened in today’s interview process bro…?

it was very easy three sections but the time was little less, java apti and sql mcq questions were there

I dint got selected though, I ran short of time

thanks bro

i got a mail from elitmus that your profile is shortlisted EntLogics Technologies Pvt Ltd has shortlisted you for further evaluation, but i didn’t get call letter

Go to Interviews tab and see, I think you will have “Last date to confirm is over”

What type of questions were there