Elitmus Coding challenge (March 4, 2017)

How to register for Elitmus coding challenge.
It is given that this Challenge is on 4 march (from home) but how one can give this challenge is not given.

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Same problem here. Did u get any info?

No I didn’t got any information but if anyone have information please share it.

have guys got any mail?

have u guys got any mail from elitmus

I didn’t got any mail.

@kirtesh_3313066 do you got any mail?

no bro i didn’t got yet…

When I am logging In the Codelitmus website then it is showing this message-“you are not a registered user.contact Elimus regarding this”. What should I do.
Is anyone is able to log in their.

hello people, i am having my coding round on 8th april, but facing the same problem. dint got any instruction mail or link to register,