Elitmus 9 july

When will I get pH result of 9 July test.

the results will be out in a day or two. probably you might get it tomorrow


at which place u wrote exam??


How many marks are required to clear the cutoff of accenture and other MNC.

when can we expect result of july 9?

By the end of today or tomorrow

My pH score is 96, can I expect call from any company.

Total score? or percentile? section wise? Tell the specifics plz

pH marks - 96

Hi my score are as follows
quant-80 . 98.87 percentile
ps-60 . 97
verbal-60 . 69
overall score-200
any chance…2017 batch

From where u got the pH marks ?? Actually i got only the scores and percentiles of each section. I didn got any aggregate mark separately.

You better write again bro… Not good enogh score according to me

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Hey yadav… You have a very good score… You will definitely get call letters I believe.

They have just added the scores, that’s it

Thanks bro… Can u suggest what score should I target.

It’s always good to have above 90 percentile in all 3 sections(at least above 80).
Not sure about the score bro, some people say above 200 and some say above 180 and some above 150. Depends on the companies.

count it bro

thanks bro…