Doubtful for calls

I got
91 Percentile in Quant
61 in Reasoning
15 in Verbal
Is there any chance that I’ll get calls I’m very good in maths
95 in Maths(+2)

Help me guye

Nope always focus on score not on percentile :slight_smile:

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But according to elitmus a company can’t see our scores, they can look at our scores only .!!
Quant 48.80
Reasoning 15.30
English 3.40
Can i get calls ?

nope you need score more :slight_smile:

I scored:
Quantitative: 88.24
Problem Solving: 96.44
Verbal: 59.84

Total: 153.8
I don’t know why my scores are less in verbal. Infact I was more confident and attempted more questions in verbal compared to Quant and PS combined.

What are my chances for the same.?

I was also expecting more in Verbal as compared to Problem Solving