Did I score good enough?

My Percentile in elitmus
Verbal 75.88
Problem solving 92.06
Quantitative 40.92 ( I got a 0 in this)

I’ve got a bad score (not even near something to be called a score) in quantitative.
Should I apply for an exam again.

Quantitative score is too low
And verbal also bit low
Try again for better
On this score you are likely to miss majority of companies

My Prentile are V 62%(57 marks) PS 92%(48.3) Q 97.7(75) and I am not getting any interview should I write again?

Your score looks good.you will get calls for sure. P.S. Interview calls also depends on your academics too.

Hai friends
I wrote an my elitmus exam on November 19,2017 at Madurai.But unfortunately, I am unable to perform well the elitmus exam.Now what would I do?
Shall I wait for elitmus result? Else I will give pH test immediately on this sunday.
Anyone please help me

Result is out or not???

Result is not come

Wait for result , then you can decide .you can get good score too