Did anyone got call from Qapitol?

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plz reply

I got a call from qapitol

Ya I got a call from Qapitol today.

May I know,on which day do u have da interview?

For me its showing on 24th of June that’s on Friday.

Okie tq:slight_smile:

I have applied for da post on 19th.wil I get da call?
My elitmus score is 157.

I got a call from qapitol…with the date 24th june…i didnt confirm neither declined the call…will i get futher companies calls??

same ques as of beeraldinni_3158500

Yes gaurav u will get da call for upcoming compnies

I have attended da qapitol drive and also marked my attendance there but I got email from elitmus team that i was absent in that drive.

What did they asked in the drive? rohit_3040898