Delay in result

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I appeared for the pH test on 17/7/2017 but I didn’t get my score card yet. Please someone reply and suggest me that what should I do as they are not replying to my mail and even their calls are not reachable.

U keep trying to call on contact number daily. I know they don’t respond, but keep trying every day. Once they’ll talk,they’ll ask for ur candidate ID. They’ll say something. Don’t be frustrated if they don’t pick up the phone call. I think your documents are not verified.

They verified all the documents at the test center, but I don’t understand that why are they not releasing my score card.

when did you give the test?? the same is happening with me I gave it on 6th August.

I gave it on 17/7/2017.

bro, i think the result of 6th aug test is not declared yet. i also gave the test on the same date and my score is also not there in my dashboard.

some of the guys who gave the test on 13 aug already got the results. idk what kind of ■■■■■■ portal is elitmus.

I also didn’t get the result of 6th august test

I also did not get the result of 6th Aug!

has anyone got the result of 6th aug elitmus paper?

i am still waiting for my result.

No, 6th Aug results are not yet out. Any day why there has been so much of a delay?

Still no results of 6th August,really unprofessional from the part of elitmus !!! NOT EXPECTED !!!

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i have also attended ph test on 6th august but still no result is showing on my dashboard

has anyone got results for 6th aug elitmus paper bangalore region