Darkhorse interview pattern

I have an interview for Darkhorse pvt Ltd tomorrow. Can i know the interview rounds going to be conducted by the company ?

Are u selected for delhi drive ?

no the Bangalore one

For Bangalore it was on the 10th right?

Process is Skype Interviews. (Some have 1, some go through a second technical.)
Then HR.

how will you know that you are selected for interview

I have received admit card with date of interview mentioned as 9th jan

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Thanks for the info.
All the best! :slight_smile:

You will get an email informing about your selection.
Sometimes an SMS too.

it means 1st i need to apply

nd how many minimum percetile required to get selected in any software company

Of course you need to apply first.

Percentile cut off is different for different companies. 80 percentile is good.