Dark Horse Digital future scope

As we all know Dark Horse is conducting the interview on 8th August for Delhi. But since it is associated with BPM, if we work there for 1 year, will that experience count as the software developer? The position is also of Consultant, not software engineer. Please express your thoughts.

There is also no review on glassdoor about the company.

When you change from a Service based company to Product based, they will consider your with 0 experience.
Consultant and developer profile are poles apart.

But its not that you cannot switch. If you do well in coding & interview you will definitely be selected for developer.

I also have no idea about Dark Horse

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guys just help me here,which should i attend nirvana or dark horse because they are on same dates.

Go with Nirvana. It’s very nice company. Very good work culture. Don’t know anything about Dark Horse. Nirvana is calling for software trainee while Dark horse is calling for consultant. Apply your brain bro.

brain,if i had that i would have been placed by campus only in a nice company:smiley:

Hahaha! Don’t worry much. I passed from tier3 college. No good companies visited my campus and whatever good offcampus companies I apply to, I am getting rejected. Its happening with most of freshers.

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