Dark Horse Digital | 2017 batch

I dont have that much gud ph score bt i have appied for it bt didnt get any call… can i expect something gud… ps-61.16 quant- 67.91 n verbal-52.02

When did u guys applied for the dark horse interview 4th sep process?? I also dint get any call. I have applied on 2nd.

I appied on 1st… still waiting for call or mail or something… :see_no_evil:

I got the call just 7 minutes ago. My Elitmus score is 178. 91 %tile in quants and verbal, 79 %tile in Problem solving. 70+ in B.Tech(CS-17), X, XII.

i also got it right now,now i am in a pickle.
i also have nirvana interview on same date.
and i accepted both
i got 99.15 in quant,71.1 in verbal and 49.38 in problem solving

hey… i have accepted the interview offer in the elitmus interview section but not sure that i will be attending the drive or not. I heard from someone that elitmus blocks those who don’t attend after accepting the invite. Can anyone verify ??

yeah that’s true but u will be given 3 chances for this, but if for the 4th time u confirmed ur invite and not be able to attend the interview later then u will be blocked so breathe as of now !!

brother i have also done same and now i am in utter confusion which one to attend ??

Attend Nirvana. Its wonderful company. They will also provide snacks after you ■■■■■ coding round. Dark Horse is a BPM company. The venue is Guru Teg Bahadur college. You may have to wait till 8pm. FOr Nirvana you will be sent back home possibly if you are local and cleared the coding round. Come next day for interview.

i am gonna go to nirvana one i think

Are these nirvana solutions coding questions?

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ofcourse. I cleared the coding round, thatswhy I am sharing.

do you have any experience regarding Dark horse?

If I had experience, then I would not have been allowed to attend drive on 8th Sept. Because once rejected you can apply only after 4 or 6 months for the same company depending on the policy of the company. I am going for the first time.

OH, I meant any kind of knowledge regarding the questions. appearing for the Delhi drive?

I attended the Mumbai drive.
Very basic questions were asked. They focused more on the foundations. For eg.- What does “public static void maid” stand for?
Few of the questions I was asked-
A basic SQL query. (Mentioned about learning SQL on my own during the interview and hence the questions.)
A question about types of tables one would require for a particular problem statement.
Bubble sort: Explanation and code (in any language).
Algorithm for printing alternate primes.


Ofcourse Delhi

I have got interview call letter from Dark Horse Digital Pvt Ltd day before yesterday and also accepted the interview letter but now today in my interview section it is showing that " last date to accept the interview letter is gone… what can I do now their phone number is also not working plzzzz help me out guyss…

bro can i ask u what was ur experience during the interview process and what all they have asked u…